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Week 0 - All About Money - The State Of The App

Before I talk about where I plan to go and how I’m thinking of (re-)building my All About Money app, it might to be good to get a sense of what the journey has been so far and what the app looks like in the Windows store - since that will help in identifying some (self-imposed) constraints.

It is also a way to share my experience building and maintaining the app so far and the kind of numbers I’m seeing as an indie app dev.

This post is part of a series on my journey rebuilding my app and learning a lot of new stuff. Other posts in the series:

Series: All About Money - A journey to build a mobile app

Week 0
Week 1
  • UI and wireframes

… more to come …

Week n
  • The final push to release

The app has currently been in the Windows store for almost 3 years (at time of writing - 23 Aug 2015).

As mentioned in a previous post - I had setup a uservoice site for the app - very early on in the release cycle. Since then I’ve been getting lots of feature requests - way more than I can keep up with. Currently there are about 88 outstanding feature requests of which I plan to do around 83.

Since the first release, I pushed out a number of updates:

1. Aug 30 2012 v.1.0
2. Dec 03 2012 v.1.1
3. Jan 23 2013 v.1.3
4. Mar 09 2013 v.1.4.0
5. Mar 11 2013 v.1.4.1
6. Nov 11 2013 v.1.6.0
7. Nov 26 2013 v.1.6.1
8. Apr 21 2014 v.1.6.2
9. May 04 2014 v.1.6.3
10. May 20 2014 v.1.6.4
11. Jul 10 2014 v.1.6.5
12. Jul 25 2014 v.1.6.6
13. Jun 27 2015 v.1.8.1

As of today (23 Aug 2015), the Windows store dashboard tells me the app has been downloaded over 100,000 times and has an average rating of almost 4 stars over 500 ratings.

I’ve not done much with the app this past 12 months - so the average number of downloads per week has gone down significantly (except for a couple of peaks):

Downloads per week - All About Money Aug 2015 - 12 months

The app has two in-app purchases: - Customisation (to let users add their own tags) [once-off purchase : 1.29 USD] - Advanced reporting (to get nice graphs and summaries of transactions) [once-off purchase : 4.49 USD]

Since not many users use the Windows store, and not many people use a personal finance app in general - the revenue has been pretty low. In fact, it only ever made more than 500$ a month once: in Jan 2014. Here is a trend of how the number of in-app purchses looks like over the past 12 months…

Revenue - All About Money - Aug 2015 - 12 months

(Unfortunately the graphs shown in the Windows store dashboard is pretty ugly (and not as useful) these days - it used to be better a year or so ago.)

The app itself has a small group of regular/daily users - from my custom telemetry, I found the following:

Daily users - All About Money - Aug 2015 - 100 days

Description #
Average # of users opening the app daily 94
Average # of crashes / errors daily 14
Average # of new downloads daily 76

So, given all this - one of my goals for the next version is to keep the existing users of my app happy, and to take them forward for the next version.

I’ll make another post talking about the goals for the next release.

If any of you indie app devs would like to see other stats / numbers or want to discuss these sort of aspects of app development, drop me a note.