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Week 0 - All About Money - The First X-Platform Release

For this next release, I’d like to take on some of the most requested features on my uservoice site, and take the opportunity to learn about technology (that I’ve been only playing with so far) enough to put it into production.

This post is part of a series on my journey rebuilding my app and learning a lot of new stuff. Other posts in the series:

Series: All About Money - A journey to build a mobile app

Week 0
Week 1
  • UI and wireframes

… more to come …

Week n
  • The final push to release

Following on from the previous post where I discussed the current state of the app, I wanted to set out some goals I had for myself building the next iteration of the app.

Business goals:
  • Create a version for phones to expand the market reach and satisfy a lot of users asking for it
  • Expand out and tap into Android and iOS user-base
  • Take advantage of the potential increase in the user-base with the Windows 10 wave
Learning goals:
  • Cross-platform development using Xamarin (I’ve done this before, but within the constraints set by a client)
  • Multi-form-factor development (Phones, tablets, hybrids, desktops, larger screens)
  • F# (again I worked on this before, but not in a production system)

Next time, I’ll post some thoughts around design and re-modelling the domain and the backend.